President Bola Tinubu

The Director of the Abuja School of Social and Political Thoughts, Sam Amadi, says President Bola Tinubu does not deserve the support of the opposition parties.

Amadi said Tinubu was in the opposition for 16 years and in those years he opposed the ruling party at the time with ruthless antagonism.

He said, for his actions and the way he conducted himself when his party was in opposition, he should be opposed now that he’s Nigeria’s president.

Amadi’s call comes in the wake of the cancellation of the scheduled NLC strike action over fuel subsidy removal.

He charged the opposition against supporting Tinubu’s administration.

Tweeting, Amadi wrote: “The work of the opposition party is not to support the government. It is to oppose the government and put it on its toes.

“For 16 years he didn’t support the ruling government. He opposed it. Now he needs the opposition to oppose him, not support him. Let’s see.”

This is coming at a time when the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, called off its proposed Wednesday nationwide strike.

NLC had proposed the strike following the removal of fuel subsidy by Tinubu during his inauguration on May 29.

After several meetings between the representatives of NLC and the Federal Government, the scheduled strike was called off.