How Boko Haram member became member of prison worker

The Nigeria Correctional Services (NCoS) has among its officials an ex-Boko Haram fighter, fresh information regarding the country’s prison recruitment history has shown.

The Ex-Boko official known as Wilberforce Yohanna was posted to a correctional centre in Adamawa State.

Yohanna was reportedly recruited as a staff of the Yola New Custodial Centre in the state.

However, in February this year, concerns began to mount over the true identity of the former terrorist.

He began to draw suspicion due to his deft handling of weapon during training, according to Leaked internal documents on the security situation at the prison facility.

The suspicion led to findings that subsequently established his previous connection with the fearsome Boko Haram terrorist group that has wreaked havoc in the north for over a decade.

“While on training, he was found to be more versatile in the use and operations of firearms,” the leaked files obtained by Premium Times, revealed.

“Upon further interrogation and collaborative findings, he confessed to having been abducted and held hostage by members of Boko Haram for two years.”

The new prison official also confessed to having received training in heavy weapon handling from a Boko Haram base before he escaped their custody, according to the documents.