Zazoo Zeh: I've Released Over 400 Songs – Portable

Fast-rising Nigerian artiste, Okikiola Habeeb, popularly known as portable, has opened up on how he attained stardom through his hit single Zazoo zeh.

Pampamnews reports that the hit single, Zazoo zeh, was released last year featuring, popular dancer, poco Lee alongside Nigerian rapper and hip hop sensation, Olamide. The song became an instant hit as it enjoyed massive airplay on radio and later on TV with the release of its video.  The song flung portable into limelight and cemented his place in the highly competitive Nigerian music industry.

However, Portable’s relatively short career in the mainstream of the Nigerian music industry has been dogged by multiple controversies, controversies that nearly upended his fledgling music career.

From his social media outburst raising alarm about schemes by poco Lee to lay claim to ownership of his song to his public altercation with popular show promoter, Kogbagidi. It, however, appears that anytime he is in a lurch, he finds a way to wriggle out unscathed.

Zazoo Zeh: I've Released Over 400 Songs – Portable

Speaking on production of Zazoo zeh, how the song made him popular and those who made his journey to fame easy, portable expressed gratitude to Olamide, saying the rapper played a crucial role in his rise in the music industry.

Contrary to widespread notion that Kogbagidi was the brain behind his success, Portable in an interview with Jabless on Friday, said the show promoter did not do much by way of assistance for him and that it was Olamide that provided emotional, financial support and admonitions needed for him to thrive in the brutally competition music industry.

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He disclosed that Olamide didn’t collect a dime from him to feature in his hit single, adding that the rapper paid for the production of the music video and also showed him how to monetize his contents.

He stated that Kogbagidi and poco Lee, though might have been instrumental to his rise to stardom in one way or the other, have ulterior motive which led to the heavy monitoring of his affairs.

Portable also cleared the air on the identity of Kogbagidi he sang about in his song, the singer said that people are confusing Kogbagidi, the show promoter whom he met not too long ago, to the person he showered encomium on in his song.

He said they are two different people, he disclosed that the Kogbagidi he sang his praises in his song is a an old friend and long time associate of his, he said he’s wealthy and was always at his beck and call during his moments of inadequacy. He  said the assistance he has rendered to him and the love he has shown him over the year spurred him to sing about him to high heavens at any given opportunity.