Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, says the country was on the brink of bankruptcy during the administration of former Goodluck Jonathan.

He said the government Nearly Emptied Nigeria Treasury Before Leaving Office as what was left in the country’s coffers could run the country effectively for three weeks.

He said the widespread insecurity bedevilling the country was a byproduct of poverty which he said did not start during the government of president Muhammadu Buhari but under Jonathan.

Oil was sold at $110, $114, $115 per barrel under Jonathan and that When this government came into power, oil fell to $28 per barrel and since then it has not gone above $80 per barrel, Amaechi said during a Channels Television programme.

Amaechi, former governor of Rivers state, said Buhari has the best interest of Nigeria at heart.

Ameachi: There Was No Money To Run Nigeria When Jonathan Left Office

“As former chairman of the governors’ forum, I was told by the security in a meeting chaired by the former President including the former minister of finance that at every point in time, the government must leave money behind in case Nigeria goes to war that would last for six months.

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“By the time we came, they didn’t leave money behind that could last us for three weeks. And I was speaking at that time as the chairman of the governors’ forum.

“I’ve always said to people, we are not the perfect government. Buhari is like every other ruler who has his good and bad sides. But he is a man who loves Nigeria.”

Amaechi also stated how he tackled some irregularities in the country’s ports in order to achieve the ease of doing business.