Sylvester Oromoni: Dowen College Owner, Olumide Phillips, Goes Into Hiding
Olumide Phillips

For days on end now, public discourse on social media and other places of social engagement has been hinged on the torture and dehumanisation of Sylvester Oromoni, a preteen student of Dowen College, by a horde of unconscionable group of students, who were his senior.

Pampamnews gathered that the multiple injuries sustained by Sylvester Oromoni during the beating and poisonous substance he was forced to drink eventually led to his death.

No sooner had Oromoni death and the circumstances that surrounded it came to public knowledge than the school became the target unrelenting public opprobrium, so much so that it became a Mecca of some sort with solitary and group visit to the school in protest of the diabolical incident becoming a commonplace.

Pampamnews understands that Sylvester Oromoni was beaten to death because of his refusal to be part of a secret cult group.

Sylvester Oromoni: Dowen College Owner, Olumide Phillips, Goes Into Hiding
Olumide Phillips

Following the death of Oromoni, more unsettling revelations have come to the fore about how the school has shielded bullies and blocked out their heinous activities from the public domain and in the process built a culture of domination among students that allows some students to impose themselves on others through sheer coercion and brute force.

Dowen College, a school located in Lekki, an upper middle class enclave in Lagos, and known to cater to the educational needs of the children of the affluents and well-to-do folks across the country, had since been shut down by the state government pending the outcome of its investigation.

Even more disconcerting about the imbroglio is the school’s discomforting silence in the face of widespread outrage and condemnation.

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Though many celebrities had taken to their social media platforms to express their unequivocal displeasure at bullying in school and seek justice for Sylvester, some have, however, remained conspicuously mum on the matter, hence raising concerns.

Pampamnews understands that some celebrities and public figures have deliberately chosen to stay away from the campaign demanding for justice for Sylvester Orommoni owing to their relationship with a colleague whose parents own Dowen College.

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Sylvester Oromoni: Dowen College Owner, Olumide Phillips, Goes Into Hiding
Lami Phillips

Dowen College, according findings by this platform, is owned by parents of female singer, Lami Phillips who is Director of Students and External Affairs.

As a standard practice, Dowen College Director of Students and External Affairs, Lami Phillips was expected to issue a public statement not only commiserating with the parents and family of Oromoni Sylvester but also dousing tensions and calming frayed nerves through words of assurance that inspire confidence.

However, that’s not to be, instead, the female singer, who was vocal and up in arms when Governor Akinwunmi Ambode demolished a pedestrian bridge built by the school a few years ago, had become bizarrely silent at a time her voice is the missing puzzle in a chaotic jigsaw puzzle. By the same token, Chief Osborne Olumide Phillips, Lami’s father has gone incommunicado since Oromoni Sylvester death.

She had since gone into hiding and refrained from making public statements since the incident occurred, resulting in denigration, casting of aspersions, and sustained virulent attack on his person on social media.

Following the momentum the Dowen College saga has garnered, Pampamnews reports that Lami Phillips, also known as Lami Phillips Gbadamosi, has now deactivated her Instagram account to avoid further verbal onslaughts by infuriated netizens.