Mohammed, minister of information and culture, has bemoaned the spread of fake news and its danger to the country and the world at large.

He said the devastating effects could lead to World War III, noting that the sharing of information had changed from what it used to be decades ago.

Speaking when he appeared before the house of representatives committee on information, national orientation, ethics and values to defend his ministry’s 2022 budget, Lai Mohammed said the advent of social media and its incursion into human lives had changed how information is processed, disseminated and assimilated.

He said the means of sharing and receiving information 30 years ago was through television and radio sets, noting that people have jettisoned the conventional media for social media that’s rife with fake news.

Lai Mohammed lamented people’s aversion for television and newspapers, adding that enemies are always lurking around on social media every moment.

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“With fake news today and misinformation — I have always said here that the next world war will be caused by fake news.

Lai Mohammed pointed out that even the United States that is always at the forefront of press freedom has expressed its reservations over the roles and activities of social media.

Fake News Will Cause World War III – Lai Mohammed
Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed has been very vocal in his condemnation of fake news and has also called for policies and legislations to curb the menace.

His agitation has spurred the federal government to push for promulgation of laws and policies to controllsocial and online media.

However, plans by the government to clampdown on social and online media have not only been vehemently criticised by the populace but have received fierce pushback and opposition by Nigerian netizens.