Nigeria Should Reject Netanyahu’s Impending Visit By Yusuf Aweda
Yusuf Aweda.

The impending visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Nigeria for the first time in 61 years would bring a greater dent to what is left of Nigeria’s International values.

My pen is heavy in lugubrious anger over the impending visit of Israeli prime minister to Nigeria. This is not a pleasant topic the ink is always enthusiastic about because the man in question represents terror and war crimes on the world stage.

Netanyahu has been the most rebellious and violator of UN resolutions, human rights, and the International law. He has unleashed terrorism on the Palestinians over and over, killing their children, women and defenceless men unjustly.

He has been the vampire, who gives orders for the forceful imprisonment and kidnapping of Palestinian Christian children, Jewish and Muslim children and unlawfully occupying their lands. An action that is strictly against the International law.

Netanyahu gets huge protests against his visits to any country by human rights activists and citizens of visiting countries including the UK and the US despite their government’s support for his unlawful military actions in Palestine.

Netanyahu has driven and encouraged racism against Africans and their unfair treatments.

Even the Christian Africans who migrated in the name of ‘God’s love’ and the illusion of visiting the land of the so-called ‘chosen people’ have received shared of the Zionist Israel’s venom.

Lot of questions surround why he has refused to visit South Africa and wooing some shanty African countries like Togo with cash for security votes at the UN.

South Africa survived an apartheid that has given them a total freedom with huge support from Nigeria and other fair countries.

The same apartheid is what Israel is unleashing on the Palestinians. When Nelson Mandela died, Netanyahu refused to attend his burial like other world leaders because Mandela and South Africans know too well the pain and the aftermath of the evil of apartheid that is being unleashed on Palestinians by Israel.

They passed through same and survived it. Even after its good leaders and freedom fighter were all unjustly imprisoned and tagged terrorists. Hence, the sight of Zionist Israel with its war crimes and innocent blood hovering round it can’t be condoned by a South African that is not alien to the chronicles of their history.

Mandela once said, ‘Our Freedom is Not Complete until Palestine is free’.

All these facts are available on the UN resolution database, the International Criminal Court contents, Zionist Israeli violations of the Palestinian rights for over 60 years has documented by the International Human Rights Organizations, Amnesty International documentation of terrorism of Israel on Palestine and other corners of truth in the world.

If a country is good and not a sponsor of terrorism, illegal occupation of other people’s lands, killing of children and trading their organs for illicit medical purpose, linked with many deadly assassinations than any country as recently released by terrorism experts and assassination researchers and being a sponsor of an apartheid state. It won’t take over six decades to visit a country like Nigeria.

So when I saw some people’s comments praising his impending visit. I wonder where they got their education.

An opinion piece by Yusuf Aweda. Mr. Aweda is the Director, Center For Human Rectitude.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not of PamPam News.